21 Savage - Nothin New (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Watch the official music video for "Nothin New" by 21 Savage. Shot by iNightLyfe, in association with FoolWithTheCamera.Stream "Issa Album"https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/iss...https://open.spotify.com/album/4skCiJ...Listen to the full “Issa Album" on YouTube:http://bit.ly/ISSAAlbumSubscribe to 21 Savage's official channel for exclusive music videos and behind the scenes footage: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-21SavageFollow 21 Savage:http://21Savage.comhttp://twitter.com/21Savagehttp://instagram.com/21Savagehttp://facebook.com/21Savage#21savage #issa #4L #trap
  • Source: https://youtu.be/x2IttXFBYxc


  • I like toes

     5 months ago

    1 like =no more racism 👇🏾

  • Ian Chen

     4 days ago

    Well boys we did it, racism is no more

  • WhyyYT

     20 days ago

    This is why ur a adopted as bitch

  • quietkidchris

     5 months ago

    Give this man a Visa

  • Lenni Kaippio

     16 days ago

    Or a few pounds

  • asian rebellion

     25 days ago

    @Tibesti learn how to spell dumb fuck

  • Shivank Sahoo

     5 months ago

    How did Gucci Gang get popular but not this.

  • Ziad El Sharif


    Shivank Sahoo so 53 million views isn’t good enough?

  • FURY /36

     2 days ago

    it ain't nothing new

  • Nba Fly

     6 months ago

    Listening in 2019❤️


     8 days ago


  • Mr Love

     3 months ago


  • The Niggles

     5 months ago

    I came back cuz I remembered how hard this video hit me

  • Tyler Biggs

     9 days ago

    Tru favorite song if alltime speaks some real shit

  • Fallen Void YT

     11 days ago


  • Ramzey TV

     5 months ago

    Who here after finding out 21 savage British

  • I’m Ugly And I’m Proud

     8 days ago

    Does It Matter

  • Hoodini

     5 months ago

    “They killed Martin Luther King and all he did was spoke” very deep


     8 days ago

    Ong that was my favorite part

  • Fredy Cruz

     1 months ago

    @Johnny Coleman its true the man was a sick bastard . There is files about MLK that not many people know about if they only knew

  • MR K

     5 months ago

    Government tryna shut you down after u expose them it ain’t nothing new

  • journalist

     1 months ago

    Big facts after USA shot iranian ship with civilians they try to hide it

  • Mexico City

     2 months ago

    You vote for proven corrupt racists like Hillary and her subjects The New "Democrats" (*faux democrats*), and complain about racism or corruption. How about stop voting for anti gunners, and practice your second amendment rights. March on all Alt-Left capitals. Freedom isn't free if the government runs every aspect of life, has all the guns, money, traffics drugs etc. Spilled blood is mandatory to put an end to segragated leftist inner cities.

  • DJHeroMasta

     1 years ago

    Issa Message.

  • angel

     2 months ago

    🙏 😔

  • Richard Olejnik

     1 years ago

    yeah ...

  • Tigger

     1 months ago

    My greatest fear is if I lose young Metro's trust...