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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 16, 2016
  • Source: https://youtu.be/xFWbPRAtJdY


  • Crystal Lewis

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    I love homme, y are they so unnoticed!!!

  • Romy Cox

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    i feel like big hit forgot to upload a few things :")

  • Pey Yng

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    why is it uploaded late (?)Homme is looking good :D

  • armys will be turned up by agustd tongue technology

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    valentine has passed but now only they're greeting for christmas????!!!!! Btw, changmin looks so fine here

  • Elεηα вlαcк

     (Nov 27, 2016)

    They're so adorable and have such lovely voices. I'm probably going to obsess over them too much now.

  • Allison Velez

     (Nov 10, 2017)

    They still together pls tell me that they didn't get separate ;-; just pls BIGHIT PLEASE PAY MORE ATTENTION TO THIS BOYS :'v

  • Gashi Gonzales

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    It'll be nice if there are eng sub. :)

  • Jen MS

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    0:04 I can't stop repeating, they sound so adorable ㅠㅠ

  • Sina M.

     (Jan 23, 2017)

    Im not the one who is saying Asians look all the same but Homme really look a like 😂

  • the tree that jimin tied the shoes to in spring day

     (Jul 20, 2017)

    Sina Mordi ikr they look like brothers

  • Tilly D.

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    are they bts's seniors?

  • Tilly D.

     (Feb 19, 2016)

    +Masochistic Potatoe basically and that they debuted before bts

  • Tashana

     (Feb 16, 2016)

    +Tilly D. That's correct :)