British Airways Boeing 747-400 in D-Check

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2012
  • Engineering Giants is a documentary series which takes a look at the making of some of the world's biggest machines. This series will go behind the scenes and document what it takes to overhaul a British Airways' Boeing 747-400.
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  • Intrepidation


     3 years ago +292

    The British really know how to make a educational and compelling documentary.

  • This is Flight

    This is Flight

     5 years ago +144

    If only the Wright Brothers could have seen this...

  • Gopikrishnan easwaran

    Gopikrishnan easwaran

     4 years ago +274

    Proud to say i am an aircraft mechanic...

  • ryan hocott

    ryan hocott

     4 years ago +189

    Im I the inly one that felt sad when they destroyed 747 at the scrapyard

  • Bethany Bloomfield

    Bethany Bloomfield

     2 years ago +59

    That seat tester guy would hate flying for real, he would just feel like he was at work for 14 hours straight

  • Jerry Dodge

    Jerry Dodge

     3 years ago +198

    I have to say, out of all the documentaries I've ever watched, this has to be one of the best ever.

  • Wade Higgins

    Wade Higgins

     3 years ago +547

    I have to say the queen of the sky is better looking than the A380.

  • britishairwaysfan


     5 years ago +38

    In my humble opinion the 747`s are and will be the best aircraft.

  • Pat Rick

    Pat Rick

     2 days ago

    JDProductions INC. Exactly what is "aluminium"? ... Is it something like "aluminum"? Is it lighter than Aluminum or is a new metal? I don't get it!

  • TheBrizz71


     4 years ago +56

    The most beautiful, aircraft ever designed, in my opinion. I was so glad to learn recently that the next generation of Air Force One will still be a Boeing 747.

  • Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman

     a years ago +30

    6 years ago i watched this documentary as a high school kid and it inspired me to be an aerospace engineer. now that i am doing a high school diploma in aircraft maintenance, i cant explain the feeling of seeing this documentary again.

  • Stefan Petrovic

    Stefan Petrovic

     4 years ago +3

    I fly a 747 thai airways this day im a pilot with 23000 hours of flight

  • Diamond Dave

    Diamond Dave

     3 years ago +76

    nice guest appearance by Sideshow Bob

  • a Jones

    a Jones

     3 years ago +81

    Reminds me: I need to go to the doctor to get my "D" check

  • Michael Siountres

    Michael Siountres

     a years ago +13

    The A380 looks like an obese wale and the 747 looks like an elegant bird

  • Nowherestocksy


     5 years ago +52

    It's because of this video I know what I want to do when I leave school...

  • FMichael1970


     3 years ago +26

    2:19 It's nice to see 'Weird Al' Yankovic getting some work outside of the music business.

  • Jude Abijah

    Jude Abijah

     3 years ago +18

    I don't understand why the US doesn't have very many interesting documentaries of this topic.

  • olentangy74


     a years ago +32

    As a career aviation mechanic, I must say this is the best video production of its kind that I have ever seen. Very well done. Regards from Florida.

  • Scotty MSU

    Scotty MSU

     9 months ago +5

    The Boeing 747 is my favorite plane.. always will be