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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • The video you guys have been waiting for, enjoy!Much love to the Jacks for filming w us, geewwwd times man- - - - - - - - -Follow Them:http://twitter.com/jackjhttp://twitter.com/jackgilinskystream their new album on spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/0mjAkD...stream their new album on apple music:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-g...- - - - - - - - - - jc goes live on twitch pretty much everyday so if ya wanna chat with him click the link & follow his stream :)http://twitch.tv/jizcuhliufaHE'S PROBABLY LIVE RIGHT NOW GO SAY HI- - - - - - - -Follow us !!- http://twitter.com/KianAndJc- http://instagram.com/KianAndJc- - - - - - -Follow Kian- http://twitter.com/KianLawley- http://instagram.com/KianLawley- Snapchat // swifferme- - - - - - -Follow Jc- http://youtube.com/lifewithjc- http://twitter.com/JcCaylen- http://instagram.com/JcCaylen- Snapchat // chamclouder- - - - - - -SEE U in 2 days literally
  • Source: https://youtu.be/y-OP1w-bQU0


  • Itsyaboi


     6 months ago +2034

    “Let’s all wear glasses and no tell jack”
    “Let’s all wear chains and not tell jack.”
    “Let’s all wear head-wear and not tell jack.”
    “Let’s all be ‘J’ and not tell ‘k’”
    “Let’s all wear darks pants and not tell Johnson.”
    “Let’s all wear white and not tell Jc”
    “Let’s all wear t-shirts and not tell Kian.”
    “Let’s all wear bracelets and not tell Kian.”
    “Let’s all have beards and not tell jack.”
    “Let’s all be talented and not tell Jc” (harsh)
    I’ll be adding ones you guys comment 😂

  • Bailey Greeke

    Bailey Greeke

     6 months ago +984

    i like how both of my husbands are wearing white

  • maycie hawkins

    maycie hawkins

     6 months ago +1542

    jack gilinsky is hot af. that’s it. thats all i had to say.

  • Megan Ami

    Megan Ami

     6 months ago +881

    they all decided to wear glasses and didnt tell jack

  • K J

    K J

     6 months ago +1625

    "who wrote the national anthem?"
    "that's history?"

  • ashly


     6 months ago +2664

    u know they're drunk at the end because all they're doing is complimenting each other LMFAOOO it's like girls in the bathroom of a party

  • Jahdae


     6 months ago +594

    Kian and Jc showing how dumb they are for 18 mins straight

  • Taylor Tibbetts

    Taylor Tibbetts

     6 months ago +1401

    jack gilinsky is sexy af ngl

  • Megan Lanigan

    Megan Lanigan

     6 months ago +301

    can we talk about jack gilinsky's arms for just a quick sec??

  • Flawed Dreamer

    Flawed Dreamer

     6 months ago +451

    i cant stop lookin at gilinsky HELP

  • ExtraKB -

    ExtraKB -

     6 months ago +2907

    Is no one gonna talk about a certain editor extraordinaire who edited dolphins snowboarding down a mountain as they sang Livin la vida loca?

  • Adam V.

    Adam V.

     6 months ago +502

    I knew Kian & JC weren’t smart AT ALL but this video just made them look like COMPLETE idiots omg 😂😂😭

  • Jimena De Leija

    Jimena De Leija

     6 months ago +533

    Jack g is insanely handsome like im sorry K BUT IVE NEVER PAID SUCH LITTLE ATTENTION TO U

  • Zeynep Bozdemir

    Zeynep Bozdemir

     6 months ago +437

    i forgot how good looking g is

  • Delainey F.

    Delainey F.

     6 months ago +305

    Why is Gilinsky so SEXY

  • sivan russo

    sivan russo

     6 months ago +4509

    Kian and jack g are just too much for one video. But i like it.

  • mybigsecret3


     6 months ago +221

    Jack looks jacked! And I'm not talking about Jack I'm talking about Jack

  • demarloves


     6 months ago +148

    was I the only one looking @ gilinsky the whole time

  • yourstruly


     6 months ago +151

    jack g can get it

  • Rianna Kristina

    Rianna Kristina

     6 months ago +147

    this video just made me realize how stupid kian and jc really are 😂