i tested food hacks used in TV COMMERCIALS 4 !!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • who's ready to expose the food industry? using lipstick to make fruit stand out, adding marbles to soup or even using a steamer to melt cheese. let's spill the tea and the secrets! don't forget to subscribe for more, thanks i love u

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/zu1Btq3nyqY


  • Gab 1212gamingpug

    Gab 1212gamingpug

     21 minutes ago +2

    That burger in the beginning looked hella disgusting

  • Brianna Bates

    Brianna Bates

     27 minutes ago

    I didn't even know wolfie until he said something about it🤣👎

  • Ryan Hunter

    Ryan Hunter

     40 minutes ago +3

    9:00 the add one is more vibrent.😄

  • MyRandom Content

    MyRandom Content

     41 minutes ago +1

    Omg he looks a little bit like Jack Frost ;)

  • Rizzo Montalvo

    Rizzo Montalvo

     44 minutes ago +1

    dont give up. you're super awesome

  • Alina Sc

    Alina Sc

     46 minutes ago +1

    your voice is so calming!☺

  • Jersy Chase

    Jersy Chase

     an hour ago +2


  • daria suttons

    daria suttons

     an hour ago +8

    *Asshole Wolfie who stole your idea is known cheater, he cheat his girlfriend with minor girl,he is a hard core duchebag and scammer, don't allow that people who support him attack you,or try put you down because they are the same assholes like him(who can support him if they themselves are not bad like him),sorry for my language but this makes me angry,stay positive, don't let anyone put you down*

  • Leah 120

    Leah 120

     an hour ago +5

    I really want Raphael to collab with ClickforTaz 😫

  • Mouse Sukoshi

    Mouse Sukoshi

     2 hours ago +9

    Ewww... Who uses plastic cheese and microwaves it for their cheesy chips bleh...

  • Itz D Gamer

    Itz D Gamer

     2 hours ago

    I have the same BIC lighter

  • Cringy Memes

    Cringy Memes

     3 hours ago +5


  • Anna Bucksner

    Anna Bucksner

     3 hours ago +25

    he's got the Oreos in the back like how the kardashians organize them

  • Gabrielė Baljan

    Gabrielė Baljan

     4 hours ago +6

    You remind me of myself and my friend...

  • ITV News Roblox

    ITV News Roblox

     4 hours ago +3


  • Nicole Gracie

    Nicole Gracie

     4 hours ago +10

    You color blind?!

  • Slime Time

    Slime Time

     5 hours ago +9

    Anyways Raphael your vids are way better
    And you dont need friends you have some true fans
    Love ya vids

  • dominika wrona

    dominika wrona

     5 hours ago +8

    dang it we need MARANDA SINGS to teach you how to get rid HATER THERE FAKE

  • Aisya Rsli

    Aisya Rsli

     5 hours ago +8

    This is not the one of the weirdest thing you've ever done ! All of your vids are weirddddd but i actually like it ,

  • Amadeus tentacle Bts

    Amadeus tentacle Bts

     6 hours ago +13

    Why is there scary music in the back